Kiserian Dam

National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority

Hifadhi Maji, Boresha Maisha

Kiserian Dam









Kiserian dam is located along Kiserian River about 2kms from Kiserian Township and will supply water to Kiserian, Ongata Rongai and parts of Ngong’ townships. The present (2010) total population of the area is about 124,000 people with a water demand of 8,450m3   per day. The 18m high dam will store 1.22Mm3 of water and supply 15,700m3  per day of water to the townships which will meet the future (2020) water demand.

The overall physical progress of the works is completed and entire works were fully operational. The project was subjected to the mandatory one year defect liability period; which lapsed on 31st July 2014.

 Project Benefits:

Improved living standards of the people of both Kiserian (104,205) and Ongata Rongai (148,539) township due to improved water access to 252,744 people. Currently, the interconnection & distribution mains pipeline works to both townships have commenced. The works are being implemented in-house by the Corporation, which constitutes of 6.7km of 315mm Upvc pipeline to Ongata Rongai & 225mm Upvc/GI pipeline of 1.5km to Kiserian and the associated works.

More reliable supply of water through adequate storage at the dam,

Reduced outbreak of water borne diseases,

Employment to 200 people for the 2 year duration of the project. Thereafter 10 personnel will be deployed/employed to manage the project,

Increased potential for industrial and commercial development,

Attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by increasing water supply coverage from 28% to 100% after project completion and operationalization,

Achievement of Vision 2030 goal on medium/ large dams to achieve per capita storage of 16m3 instead of the current 5m3.

 The dam & the water treatment facility are currently operated by the Oloolaiser Water & Sewerage Company Ltd.  The current yield from the facility is about 3,000m3/day.

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