Siyoi - Muruny Dam

National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority

Hifadhi Maji, Boresha Maisha

Siyoi - Muruny Dam

















The proposed Muruny Dam is located near Kapsait Primary School at Murkokoi Center which is approximately 43km from Kapenguria Town. The site location is covered on SK Map 75/4 Cherangany at GPS coordinates 36 N 0761064 and UTM 0129350, elevation 2690 masl at the riverbed. The project area lies within the Rift Valley Drainage Basin. River Muruny emanates from Cherangany Hills and flows in a North Eastern direction before finally draining into Lake Turkana.

Project commenced on 30th March, 2015 with a contract period of 3 years and a defects liability period of 2 years. The following is general information:

Financier:      The Government of Kenya

Contractor:   M/S china Jiangxi International Kenya Ltd

Consultant:   Shah Technical Consultant in Association with Batch Associates Ltd

Proposed Muruny Dam is located near Kapsait Primary School at Murkokoi Centre which is approximately 43km from Kapenguria town. The project is divided into two (2) lots:

Lot I covering the dam component

Lot II covering the water supply component

Scope of Works  

The scope of woks comprises the following permanent works;

Construction of two access roads with a combined length of approximately 2.7km

Construction of earth fill embankment Dam with the following components

30m High Earth fill embankment of crest length 154m, total embankment Volume 327,850m3

Foundation treatment through grouting

184m Long twin cell Diversion Box Culverts 2.5m X 2.25m

10m wide Ogee controlled side channel spillway 180m long

15m long bridge crossing over spillway

154m long Crest Road

30m high offtake tower, 4.85m by 4.85m in cross section.

71m Long bridge across the reservoir

11km long raw water main pipeline of 800mm diameter.

Auxiliary Works

Moses Gitonga Ntiritu Works